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Eclipse Partner Information and Registration

Hancock County Indiana will be in the path of totality for the April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse. It is very important for all entities wishing to be involved for this event be on record so that Hancock County Tourism can promote your viewing site and eclipse event in marketing materials, and maps. It is also important that Hancock County Government track viewing sites and events to better handle traffic, safety and other concerns for our visitors. Please remember we want our visitors to “arrive early, secure your spot, and stick around.” We want to encourage eclipse related activities to entertain and engage our visitors, especially AFTER the solar eclipse, so that they do not try to leave all at once.
We know that parking lots, farm fields, and other wide-open spaces may be used for viewing sites for the solar eclipse. Some people may be OK with visitors with cars and RVs parking overnight, and some may only want to host a day of the eclipse event. Whichever you chose, it will be up to you, the planner, to figure out a way to take reservations, and handle the logistics of parking visitors, handling trash, bathrooms, selling optional concessions, etc. There will be a series of information sessions that you can attend to help you with ideas for planning, and how you can be involved. If you have any questions, please contact the Hancock County Tourism Executive Director, Brigette Cook Jones at 317-477-8687 or or Mirriam Rolles, Administrator with Hancock County government at 317-477-1111 x-2028 or
*Please note – if your location does not have a formal address (like a field), you will need to drop a Google Pin in order to generate GPS coordinates. Here are instructions on how you can create and share a Google Pin:,which%20might%20be%20miles%20away).
*Please note – if you are hosting multiple events – for example – you may want to host overnight parking for visitors as just a Viewing Site, and you may want to host a “Day of Event Entertainment” that would include music, food, etc but is only available on the eclipse day. This might include your overnight guests and eclipse day visitors, please create two separate event permits to describe EACH event. One as a viewing site only for overnight accommodations (location), and the other as a day event.
*Also note – it is STRONGLY suggested that if you are creating an event with tickets or reservations (we HIGHLY recommend reservations or tickets to control numbers) that you be sure to utilize or or both to facilitate reservations or tickets. Even if your event is FREE it is best that you post any event to these event platforms. It is FREE to have an account. It is FREE to post a FREE event. Tickets and reservation costs can be passed along to the consumer. In addition, by posting to either of these event platforms – your event will automatically be added to the Tourism Event Calendar. If you need more information about how this works, please call the Hancock County Tourism Office.
*Also note – if you are hosting an event at ANY time during the weekend leading up to the Eclipse or immediately after the eclipse – – a registration form will need to be completed.  There is NO COST to submit a registration form.
If you have decided that you want to be an “Approved Eclipse Viewing Site” and host an “Eclipse Event” please complete the following form :